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Village Square Coffeehouse

The Story of The Village Square Coffeehouse
By: Michelle Fournier

When I was looking to start a business in Port Stanley I wanted to make sure I was filling a void rather than try to copy what is already being done. So, I did the research and learned that we needed a friendly meeting place for our locals and returning tourists. We came up with the idea of a coffee shop with a simple affordable menu. That was 6 years ago and we continue to grow and introduce new ideas including Gluten Free and Vegan to our menu

My love for excellent coffee encouraged me to source out the best in the area (bias opinion). I chose Las Chicas for these reasons. It is a family ran business that we can buy directly from. After our visit to their plantation Nicaragua, we learned that it is naturally organic and grown in the highest ranges on top of mountains. We also learned that Las Chicas are dedicated and very generous to a charity they started to help the coffee community stay self sustainable. And… The coffee is amazing! Our roaster Maria is the only female roaster in the province and is a solid community participant.

I am proud of my staff and am happy that we have become very close to many of our customers. I feel I am lucky for this! I love my village and am thrilled to see it blossom into a beautiful destination for the locals to enjoy and for the visitors to discover.

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