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RubyEyes Kraftwerks

When I discovered working with glass, I found something that could hold my interest with its endless possibilities and techniques to master. It became my passion. I love to discover the secrets held in a piece of glass.

However, the glass necessarily remained a hobby while I continued in my career as a marine engineer.

When I gave up going to sea, I decided to take my glass art to a new level and began taking commissions and creating one-of-a-kind glass and metal artworks, first in my home workshop and then at a storefront/workshop in St. Thomas.

But Port Stanley was my home and I wanted to support my community. So, in 2011, I purchased the property at 235 Colborne Street and established my workshop with a showroom above, while renting out the house.

Eventually I took over the house to renovate into larger showrooms to accommodate local artists. In addition to creating more studio space, this allowed me to carry many art works by local Ontario artisans — including paintings, photography, metal art, custom dolls, woodworking, blown glass, lamp-work and crystal jewellery. I also offer custom classes and invite customers to bring their visions for glass and metal pieces, as there’s no project that I won’t tackle, unless the laws of physics and chemistry stop me. Even then experimentation is an option.

At the shoppe I provide a venue to raise funds for local charities. The Port Stanley branch of the Royal Canadian Legion receives 20 to 50 per cent from the sales of many hand-made poppy items. Also supported are Port Stanley Feral Cat Rescue, Animal Aide, Pets Friends for Life, All Breed Canine Rescue and War Amps Canada, from the sale of stuffed toys, books and 10 per cent of my December sales.

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