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The Story of Lady Savannah

Lady Savannah fashion boutique has been in Port Stanley for a little over eleven years now. However, as most of you know, we have changed locations a few times lol. We first relocated to Port Stanley from Sparta in 2005 to 215 Main St. beside Kettle Creek Inn as a home décor boutique called Miss Scarlett’s featuring Victorian/traditional style products. It only took a year for us to realize this is not what Port Stanley needed. In 2006 we totally changed over to fashion accessories as there was not an accessory boutique of any kind in the village. Our fashion accessory boutique was named Van Ijmeren & Co. With such an amazing success with our accessories and named the “handbag place” of Port Stanley, we wanted to spread our wings and grown into a full fashion from head to toe boutique with apparel and shoes. This made us decide to make a move down the street to a space that had a great window for amazing displays and a lovely open concept as well. Not only were we named the “handbag place”, we were also known as the “Van something” boutique. Realizing Van Ijmeren was too difficult for customer to pronounce or remember, we were forced to create a new name that not only myself (Connie) and Melissa (Mother/daughter owner operator team) could agree upon, but could be remembered and flow right off your tongue. This was a tough call, as Van Ijmeren is our last name in Dutch and was hard to part from. However, at last we agreed on a name and Lady Savannah fashion boutique was the winner. Since the name change it made a huge difference in marketing as Lady Savannah fashion boutique is cute yet flows perfectly. This name was chosen for my love of the South, mainly Savannah Georgia.

With our fresh name and cute new location, we assumed that would be our last move. Little did we know that we would be presented an offer we simply could not refuse! As Magpie was closing her business we had the wonderful opportunity to take over the space in the beautiful yellow building, which happened to be our favourite in the Port Stanley. We shifted over in May 2017 and are simply loving our new forever home! (207 Main St.)

By creating a lovely clientele base both locally and afar, we continue to add on unique products and are growing our shoe lines as well! We are very proud to be part of such an amazing village and look forward to providing your favourite fashions for years to come.

Lady Savannah fashion boutique,  fashion from head to toe!

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