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Regional Attractions

Regional Attractions

Port Stanley is located in the Municipality of Central Elgin, one of seven Municipalities in Elgin County including the – Municipalities of Bayham, Central Elgin, Dutton/Dunwich, West Elgin and the Townships of Malahide and Southwold, and the Town of Aylmer.

Elgin County incorporated in 1852. While the original boundaries of the County have remained unchanged, there have been a number of changes to local governments over time, with the emergence of new towns and villages and the departure of others. The most significant change occurred in 1998 when the County re-structured into seven local municipalities (see below). The City of St. Thomas, although centrally located in Elgin County, officially separated from the County in 1861 and formed a single tier government. The seven municipalities and the City of St. Thomas within Elgin County are all unique in their own ways, providing special events and attractions, employment, recreation, transportation options and a warm and friendly welcome for residents and visitors alike throughout the year.

The County of Elgin and St. Thomas also has their own website devoted to tourism. Tourism Elgin provides a Virtual Tour Guide, an interactive Elgin Map, other guides & maps, information about the Talbot Trail and many other regional attractions!


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